And I Will Never Again.

I had my son in 2006.  It was actually a really easy labor.  I was taking a nap at 10:30 pm and went to the bathroom and was bleeding.  I went to the hospital and they checked me and told me I probably wouldn't have the baby that night and would be sent home.  So, about an hour passed and the nurse said "Your contractions are getting longer, do you want some pain relief now?" I knew right there this was the moment!

I had really bad cramps till about 1:30 AM and at 2 AM my son was born after 5 pushes.  The worst part was the stitching up of the tears after the delivery.  It seemed to take forever.

I would have sold my soul to whoever was buying to have a daughter, but sadly I can have no more children. 
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Thanks, kelleyk. I was going to change that title because I thought it looked like I never wanted to again, either, but I was too lazy!! LOL

Oh, I am so sorry! When I read the title, I thought you meant that you never wanted to again. I hope that time heals your suffering and that you will adopt if that's what you're called to do. I'll pray for you!

Thanks, JackGrey.

Nothing worth doing ever comes easy. Hugs, and best of luck to you.

You know what, I would consider adoption. I have thought about it. My boyfriend actually told me that before he met me, he had given up on love but wanted a child so he was going to adopt. I just wish adoption wasn't so much money and red tape. I understand they have ot insure that a child is going to good parents but it seems like there are so many road blocks.

If you can't have another for biological reasons, perhaps you would consider adoption?

thank you so much. It is still a hurt in my heart. I am the first one to have a boy in 30 years in my family. It just does NOT happen and I dream of a daughter. But I do adore my boy.

I had chosen a name for a girl each time and each time I didn't get to use it. When my third son was born I was disappointed, but only for the briefest moment. Then I said, 'No, this is good. Three boys.' And I would not trade them for the world. My youngest will be 17 in March, and nothing makes me happier than having a table full of boys laughing and eating. They keep me here.