My Baby Joy

I am 32 and I have a little Girl called Skye, she is 5 months now. I wanted to share my amazing and lifechanging birth with you.

It was 1st of January at around 3 in the afternoon, I was 9 months pregnant and had been feeling off colour all day.
My fiance Josh had done everything to cheer me up, he watched movies with me, made me my favourite meal, he even wet out and bought me flowers, a beautiful gold necklace and a matching braclet, but i still felt awfull.

Then at around 5, i sneezed and my water broke, I shouted for Josh who called an ambulance for me straight away. He haeld my hand untill it arrived, then held me again when we were in the ambulance.

All the time he kept telling  me,
"dont worry baby, you are going to be fine, i will be there holding your hand all the way through, i will call your mom and let her know whats going on, you are going to be a great mom, i know it".
He kissed my forehead and i began to cry
"whats wrong are you ok?"
"yes, im just so lucky to have a guy like you" i said, and i held him tight.
Throughout the ambulance journey, my contractions were getting bigger, the paramedic said that i wouldnt make it to the hospital, thats when i begn to panic.
I was screaming in pain, Josh was holding me tight and he kept repeating " its ok baby, come on, your gonna be ok"
Thats when the ambulance stopped in the hospital car park, the paramedic shouted to the driver, "go get the midwife, theres no way shes gonna make it upstairs before having this baby"

When the midwife came down to the ambulance, she got me into a comfortable position to get me to push, I was going to deliver my baby in the back of an ambulance.

An agonising 15 mins and 4 pushes later, Skye was born.
They wheeled me and the baby upstairs, got us both cleaned and pust us in a side ward to bond with eachother.
Josh knocked on the door with my mom, dad, brother and all the rest of my family, they all pilled into the tiny room to see us.
I saw Josh crying, I called him over and handind him our baby, he kissed her and kissed me, we were going to be a happy family.
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No im not, i stopped when skye was around 3 months old.