Twice, Maybe Once More?

I had my first child, a son, in 2009. I was ordered on bed rest for the weekend after HBP numbers at my doctors' office. I was scheduled to come back in on Monday and assess the situation. I was just a day over 37 weeks. On Sunday, my contractions started, and we headed to the hospital (an hour away). I did decide to get an epidural, only because the HBP was making me feel like I was going to pass out with every contraction! After being in the hospital for about 6 hours, and pushing for only 20 of that, I gave birth to my beautiful boy!
My second was due in June, which I was excited about because none of our families had a birthday in June. At my 37 week appointment, I didn't have HBP, but I was 2cm. I started contractions the next day, but they were not very regular and before I knew it they were really close together. We had to rush to the hospital- and after being there 10 minutes, they told me to push. That was all it took- one push- and my baby girl was born!
So it has been decided amongst friends and family that I "cook" babies fast, and I have really great labor. So naturally, I should have more children. I'm still not so sure of that, but one thing I will tell you: we are camping out in the parking lot of the hospital at 37 weeks if there is a next time!
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Wow I remember wishing so much my baby would come around 37 weeks. Congrats on your two and good luck if you have another :)