The Greatest Experience!

I had my baby last year..,
I would love to share my amazing birth story..

It was 6am in the morning, and I had just finished speaking to my husband, who was away at that time! I was 3 days past my due date then. Then i felt like i had wet my pants.., so I went to the loo, to check what was up and clean up. I sat in the toilet seat to pee, and after like 5 minutes, there was still pee (or i thought it was)..... that's when it hit me! Shoot! My water just broke!
Amazingly I was very calm.. I dnt have any labour pains yet.. So i took a shower and then called my husband and told him that my water had just broken!! it was not a gush but kept trickling down slowly.., so I had a pad on! He told me to let his sister, who was asleep in a different room, know.
I went to the dining table and was reading a magazine when my sister-in-law came ......
i told her what was going on and she panicked like hell..............!! I was still very calm, and for some reason, that I can't even explain, felt soo much at peace. She called the office, that she was not going to come in to work that day, and then we left for the hospital. Luckily for me, we dnt have any packing to do, since a week earlier I had prepared all my bags for the hospital, even the baby's diaper bag.
By the time we got to the hospital, I met my OB, but I still dnt have my contractions yet. I checked into a labour room, we sat there.., talking and waiting for the contractions. They never came.
At around 10pm in the night, when everyone else had left, the doctor on duty told me that they will have to induce labour if I dnt have my contractions by 6 am the next day. I have never been soo anxious!!
The next morning I had my b/fast soo early, and at around 6 am I was put on a drip!
Well, my troubles started at around 10 am.., I started feeling my contractions... and had my first vaginal exam..It was soo damn painful, I cried!! ..
I was sedated and fell asleep. At that time, my sisters were around, and one of them held my hand, so each time I had a contraction, I would squeeze  her hand soo tighlty, and she took it as a cue to rub my lower back. This went on the whole day.,, and by 9pm that night, my contractions were soo close and soo intense, ...I almost couldn't take it!! At around 9.30pm.., I was in soo much pain that when it was time to go to the delivery room,...I walked!!!
..I dnt think i was going to do it!!
I felt a  very strong urge to poop!!....., but the nurses told me that, that was just the baby coming. 15 mins later.., I had my little girl!
She was soo beautiful.., and I couldn't believe that I had given birth to this amazing babe!! it had been a loong wait!! Everyone was soo happy to finally meet her!! and that night at the ward .., after having my dinner (damn, I was soo hungry!), I couldn't sleep, and kept staring at my baby!!...smiling and loving her every minute!!

giving birth is the hardest, yet the most beautiful experience any woman can ever ask for!!!......., and yes! I would do it again.!!

CarrieBets CarrieBets
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Such a lovely story! Thanks for sharing it, dear. Wishing you and your baby all the happiness in the world. :)

Wow you had a long labor hehe! That's funny I remember feeling super starved at dinner after birth too. I ate the lunch they had left me from earlier AND dinner! You are right it is very hard, but so beautiful and worth it :) Congrats

About the starving..., tell me about it??!.. They asked me how I was feeling after birth..., and am like, 'am soooo hungry!!!' hahhahhaaaa..