I Want To Be Present For A Birth

Hi. I am a mom of 2 girls. I had both vaginally. My oldest daughter is 10 yrs old now, it's amazing to think she is a decade old. Anyway, I lived with my parents when I was pregnant with her & for about 5 yrs after she was born. I found out I was pregnant when I was 20 & it was like my life ended. So many feelings were inside me, dread, terror, pity(for myself-I was never going to be able to do anything agian). Throughout my pregnancy I was a hermit, I was ashamed. I look younger than I am, so older people would give me dirty looks & guys would look interested in me until they saw my belly. I went to bed one night, woke up at 3 am, timed my contractions for about an hour & told my mom to take me to the hospital, it was time. We got there & got checked in, got to the room & settled in. My contractions were being monitored on a machine, but I kept having to use the bathroom, so my CNA got tired of unhooking & hooking the machine to me. She disappeared after 2 times of me calling her. I didn't see anyone until about 8 am when my doctor got there. I was moved to a delivery room then, I think I was about 6 cm dialated. I got up an walked around for a while, that helped me get through the contractions alot. The doctor checked me agian and I was about 7 cm, so they offered me and epidural & I took it. It was my last chance to get it, I guess after 7 cm they don't give them anymore?? It was a trick though! After about 2 hours I was ready to deliver & the epidural was turned off. Holy crap, the contractions were so much more painful than I remembered them. I pushed(uneffectively) for about 2-4 hours, nothing was happening, so the doctor got out the foreseps. Those things are scary looking, but they got the baby out quick. I had a baby girl around 3 pm. The labor was about 12 hrs long & completely exhausting. Somewhere in there my sister & BFF came up to the hospital & saw the birth. My sister almost fainted, it was hilarious. My baby was 7 lb, 12 oz. My second birth was much quicker. I went into labor around 4 am, the contractions woke me from my sleep agian. I was already 5 cm dialated, I had a doctor check up on Friday, went into labor Sunday around 4 am. I woke up my husband told him to take me to the hospital & do it quick. The drive was about 45 min to an hour, by the time we made it I knew I was close. I couldn't sit, it felt uncomfortable, couldn't stand still either. I paced around the waiting room, paced around the delivery check in area. When I got to the room I told the nurse I felt like I had to use the bathroom & that I wanted an epidural right away. There was no time for an epidural though, I was 9.5 cm dialated. It was so painful ,it was nauseating. The nurses couldn't get an IV in my hand because I had my hands tightly clenched in a fist, the lines kept blowing. The nurses asked me to leave one hand relaxed, so I did & they got the IV in. Since the IV was in my husband went to look for the man who gives the epidurals, I guess he figured he could get him to give me the epidural even though the nurses said it was too late. So he left the room & I told the nurse I had to push, I couldn't wait. I gave about 3 pushes & my second daughter was born. My husband came back into the room & there was the baby! He was shocked it was over already. I had her around 7am. My mom was supposed to be there also, but she thought the labor was going to long agian. When I called her to tell her I had the baby she was eating breakfast, she was suprised this labor went so fast. My second daughter was 8lbs, 11 oz. She was huge! I am 5ft tall & weigh around 100 lbs normally. I thought I was gonna rip in half when she was being born. I want to be present when someone else gives birth now. I want to see a birth, from another perspective.
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Lol! Aww I loved reading your story, it made me laugh, especially the second delivery. I can just picture it. Labor is crazy.