I have two little boys, 7 and 3. They came into the world in the usual way. In case you are wondering, yes it hurts. Pain so unbearable at times I wished for death. Begged for it. People say you forget the pain of childbirth or you would never do it again. I'll tell you, I did not forget. I knew what I was in for and as much as I looked forward to the birth of my second child I dreaded the pain.

My second delivery was actually far more painful then my first. I thought I knew pain...HA! I labored with him for almost 24 hours with contractions so fierce at times I swore they never stopped. Once he was born, I cried. I was so glad it was over and so positive I would never do it again.

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I would never scare a pregnant woman (especially first time mothers) with the horror of my labors. That is just cruel. My labors were intense, and very long and painful. My boys were worth it, but I sure am glad I am not doing it again.

Every time I read one of these stories, I am so thankful for the childbirths I endured. I was scared to death the first time because my mom and sister both had very difficult labours, so I assumed mine would be too especially since I'm quite a petite woman. My first was born after an amazing 5 hour labour. It was like some kind of religious experience for me. Maybe it was the Demerol. My second was born after a very intense 1 hour and 45 minute labour. I can't imagine that kind of intensity lasting for hours on end. I had a tubal ligation before I left the hospital.

I had hard labors, I think. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but hours and hours of severe pain made me practically psychotic. Some people have an easier time than others when it comes to childbirth. I didn't luck out there, but it is over now and I certainly won't be doing it again.

Aww sorry your labours hurt so bad.. <br />
i have given birth four times, and loved it. Sure it hurt.. but it wasnt toooooooo bad..and would do it again and again..

I lucked out, too bad I didn\'t want to have lot\'s of kids... I weighed 149 pounds 9 months pregnant both times. First Daughter, my water broke at home and she was delivered 1.5 hours later. They barely had time to get me on a table. :) I was out of the hospital and walking around town showing her off, 5 hours later. :)