i went into labor on the 9th of october last year. I was at home, with my girlfriend, (also pregnant) watching tv. I got up to go make dinner, when I felt a jabbing sensation in my belly. It was much stronger than the braxton hicks i'd been feeling for a few days, so I leaned against the counter, breathing hard. My girlfriend came in to check on me, and that was when my water broke, gushing all over the kitchen floor (thank god for tiling). She helped me into the living room, and i walked around for a while as she prepared the large kiddie pool we got to give birth in, and rang the midwife. We put the kiddie pool by the fire, it was a cold night for spring. We saw the midwife's car approaching, and that was when my girlfriend started having contractions. It was exactly on her due date. We let the midwife in, and then kept walking around together. At one point, I was stepping over a pillow when I had a contraction, and almost fell over. An hour later, my girlfriend had a particularly strong contraction, practically falling onto an armchair as her water broke. A couple of hours later, we both undressed and slid into the kiddie pool. I felt like I couldn't breathe, the pain was so strong. We leaned against each other, crying out from the pain. Neither of us had drugs. At one point, we kissed, and I almost orgasmed. There was just something about the pain and pleasure together.
Anyway, I started pushing only a few minutes later. Luna was born first, and i felt like i was dying. River came second, and it was harder, because i was so exhausted. My girlfriend's contractions were getting steadily closer together as I gave birth, and it was only maybe ten minutes after River and Luna were in my arms that the midwife told her to push. She did, and i pressed my forehead against hers for support. A little while later, Tony was born.
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You and your girlfriend shared an experience I can only imagine when you two gave birth at the same time.

Awesome experience. It sounds very sexy to watch

Such a beautiful experience. You and your love becoming mothers together at exactly the same time. I hope you both have been well.

Very Kool Story! It Got Me All Hott & Aroused! Wish I Was There.

Wow. Congratulations to u both.
U both have a a strong bond to go thru that together. :)