Giving Mom A Wedgie!

So. Lately my sister and I have been giving my mom wedgies and now she likes them. So we asked her if she would like us to give her a hanging wedgie. She said no. So my sister was so great that she offered my mom $20 to get a hanging wedgie for 5 minutes!!! She said ok!!! We took her into my dads gym where there is a bar close to the ceiling where my dad does chin ups. Then we took a rope with two hooks on the end and grabed a chair stacked on a stool. We told her to get onto the chair and put the hook around the bar. Then I took the other end and put it through her leg holes. Then know she wasn't ready my sister says time starts now! As I pulled the stool and chair out from under her! She screamed and started to hold her butt and swing her legs. After a minutes of her screaming and us laughing she said it did feel kinda good. I was shocked when she said that!!! My sister had a good idea. We decided to turn out the lights and leave the room because she wanted mom to give her a wedgie back . so we left and my mom started screaming and luaghing because she thought it was funny. After another minute she tells us to get her down so we did. She said she loved it and will do it again sometime. And then snuck up behind Alexa (my sister) and gave her a playful wedgie! Then my mom went back to whatever she was doing. Next time I think my mom, Alexa, and I will take turns giving each other wedgies and maybe my friend Madison can come over to join! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Best mom ever wish my mom would let me do that

awesome mom !!!

What color were her panties?