Leap Of Faith

I have given up my job through being unable to take the systems anymore and I gave up my home first to save money to go off and take a planned trip of self discovery.starting with voluntary work in Cambodia for two months,then onto Australia   I have kept balanced through the experience of giving up my sanctuary living with friend and now my sister and I have three months to raise about £3000   I'm selling the things I don't need and  looking for a job and organising fundraising evenings . My Leap of Faith is that this the right thing for me and it happening  for me .....I would like encouragement ,good vibes and belief as some people think I'm mad and sometimes I do as I've never left a job without one to go to but I did .I want to do what I love and live in harmony and respect with others ......although the majority are supportive.

Peace and Love x
SoulEnergised SoulEnergised
46-50, F
Aug 3, 2010