At Times

I go through spells where life feels hopeless. So many failures and heart breaks.
Each one feels like the first and worst.
But as life has proven time and time again I keep moving forward.
Some times the movement is slow and painful. Other times I don't even realize I moved as far as I have with out even noticing.
Hope is a double edged sword. If I dare put hope in some one and they fail to fill that space, I hurt because the space I so desperately wanted filled remains empty.
If I give up on the hope of achievement, I have nothing to drive me.
No matter the instance, hope creeps into my life and drives me just as it some times hurts me.
So it would appear that no matter if I give up on hope, hope doesn't give up on me.

Just a thought.
Dainbramadge Dainbramadge
46-50, M
Jan 23, 2013