Life Is Not Immortal. There Isn't No God.

Life Is Not Immortal. Getting Older To Obtain Something Is Temporary As Entropy Atrophy Antithesis Of Nature Works Against Such. There Isn't No GOD.

The Religions in this World keep trying to offer us Hopes and Dreams, so much as we fall into those deceptions that we will get by such buying into their Beliefs and then there will be for us in an Afterlife or Spiritual One. Eliminating this, Is there Really Hope and Dreams? If your not apart of the Conventional World where the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer. Being in the Minority and Unconventional to others. There isn't Support for Hopes and Dreams. The World makes it Antithesis towards it. That is Opposition towards those things, the world would have us Slave and Pay For such things, that by the world's problems it has.

I spent 50 years living in other parts of the United States where I didn't like the Climate, but I had gotten some things in my life, for which would had lasted and be apart of my Hopes and Dreams. I moved to Aberdeen, Washington for more Cloudy and Cooler Weather. But that is not in totality, cooperating for me. I left things of mine in Storage in Sacramento, California, like my Big Created Bird Cage and wishing to have a Bird Sanctuary to enjoy dealing with Birds up here in Washington. (That's not going to be possible.)

I've wanted to find my Intimacy with the ideas of a women and find my health. Now I'm having to consider that I have to accept things of having No Expectations of such and that Life is going down hill to Atrophy. Life is not going to be Immortal. We have to face this Life with it coming to its End.

I can't keep Hoping and Dreaming, when there is an End to it all Pending. And Presently it's too Arduous to keep trying to get little by little for those things as it works ... 1 Step forward with progress and then 3 Steps Backwards in this Antithesis (Those Things that Work Against it all).

I don't like this World's Religions that try to make me be what they expect of me and in it, I'm suppose to get Quixotic about its False Hopes and Dreams. Baloney! That's Ridiculous! Looking towards some GOD, is Delusional. GOD doesn't really Exist. We have exhibited what Evolution would have us be. I would like to be what is best. But it seems to have more of what it wants, then what I would want of my Life. I am beginning to feel like a Nexus Replica, instead of being the Great Human of Hopes and Dreams.

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