Is Being Emotional, Is The Reason Of Being Looser?

At this stage of my life, when people have lot of things to do, have so many friends and have lot to plan their future, i have experienced the most poisoning truth of life that our life hasn't given us any option to chose our desires...

there are only two ways to live the life..either you can change yourself according to your life or your life will change you as per the circumstances.....there is no alternative i wrong? afcourse not, coz i have spent my million dollar 5 years in knowing this truth......experienced different phases of relationships......have seen ups and downs in professional life....

do you know what's the biggest cause of being looser.....?? being emotional....if you are emotional then ppl will take you as granted....whether he's your life partner...your boss or sum one else....

still searching...what i have done wrong in my life?? where i was wrong...?? why i am alone...??

is trusting ppl is the reason of being looser...??

007mystery 007mystery
May 15, 2012