Whats the point we all die eventually anyway. The only love of my life is dead, my family hates me, i live alone, sleep alone, and will die alone.

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I feel the same way but the reason I keep living is because of the promises I made to others if I die I cant for fill them so I'm holding out till then

You know I agree,Life can be a *****! But there is a Hope and you know a lot of Folk call it crap! But you know some Twenty years ago i thought of Doing the same when i found out that I was HIV well my little world had finished!as I thought!! yet you know i ran into a Guy Three days in a row all the while i knew something was Good in his Life that I wanted! He sounded different,acted different and he was so positive compared when I new him last!(we nearly had--x yet it didnt seam to flow! now I no why!!! He told me on the third occasion I met him he was a CHRISTIAN well you could have bowled me over,yet in my Heart I knew that my number was up and this was the last chance I took it and you know my life has turned around! Im now 53 and still alive and I no longer live for the Gay Thang! Yet Im not sleeping with ladies! Sex is Not what I am Im Christs as he wants us all to be before the World comes to an End! you see there is a Battle going on for the Hearts and Minds of People worldwide One wants to take you to Hell the Other to Heaven! NO LIE<br />
If you Dont believe me just start by trusting christ and see that he Changes things for good in your life! Ask him into your Heart! put away ya stinkin Thinkin and see!! LOve Ya!<br />
<br />
Bill From Aus.

we do all die eventually you are right my friend.but we have to wait til it is our time.an not speed up the process by thinking of suicide no matter how bad things get.i have depresion.i have replied to your blog .please go an read it.like i said in my comments there.depression is like being at war.its a battle that must be fought.it cant always be won,but deaths do not solve the problem.we have to unit against it an find an inner spririt we all have an stay alive.we owe it to others to show them the war against the ilness can be beaten.we have to have hope so others will.life is full of saddness and pain.do not ad to it by ending your precious life.it may sem crap but u are alive.many would swap with u.be brave.u can do it.u can do it.if u really want better for yourself u can stay alive.its not a cure,but neither is suicide x

As has already been said, you are too young to give up on life and love.. many of Us have to wait more years than you have been alive to find love. Dont give up too soon.

Been there and do not recommend the t-shirt! Keep looking! There's something better. Open your eyes, open your heart, endure the pain and find your way. There are many just as down and out that need someone to helped them. Maybe you can find someone that will point out something you've missed along the way. Life offers a lot more than the cold wind you are feeling now.

You are too young to give up on life. It sounds like you've had a rough go of it so far. I cannot know the extent of your problems, but what I can say for certain is that no matter what your problems are/were, others have had it worse and still persevered. It would be hard to have hope and start again if you were 80 years old, but you have your whole life ahead of you. You will die soon enough, don't waste what life you have feeling sorry for yourself.

I am so sorry to hear that you feel this way and that life has treated you in such a way that you are alone. Life can at times be so cruel. I cannot offer you much more than my friendship. I don't know you, but I do care. Honestly I do.