I'm Just Tired Of Waiting And Hoping ...

Love always evades me . Ever since I was a teenager , saw other pretty girls around me dating /having boyfriends etc. Then I had the usual teenage crushes but I had low self esteem I considered myself ugly. I went on with my life and with my low self esteem never thought I would find love ever . I graduated and started working . Suddenly I realized I was actually very pretty and noticed how many stares I attract whenever I go out . This felt really good and I started taking special care to my appearance . Gone were the clothes which were trying to hide me . I got a new hair cut , started wearing stylish clothes etc . I started hoping I would eventually find love . Maybe I had to grow as a person before actually being able to find the right one . Every year I keep hoping saying to myself , this year is gonna be the year I'll find someone for sure . it never happens . Whenever I see an attractive man and notice him staring back , I think maybe this is it . And if there is some spark , I hope this will lead to something. Unfortunately it never does . I've had my share of heart breaks and made a fool of myself a couple of times too . Men stare at me all the time . The few who ask me out go only by my looks or are total jerks . I've still not found that genuine man who sees the me inside apart from my looks . I've had enough of waiting and hoping now . I'm the sweetest lady and have so much love to give but no one is there for me . I don't know why . I feel sorry for myself whenever I see happy couples . From now on, I'll try very hard not to notice any man and look away quickly if one stares at me . I'm done ..:(

lonefairy lonefairy 26-30, F 7 Responses Nov 27, 2009

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Never give up.

And, never feel like a fool for taking a chance on love and putting yourself out there.

You have courage, strength and hope.

Love will come to you.

You seem wonderful to me.

My best advice is to get to know and truly love yourself.

Immerse yourself in things you love.

Pursue your interests.

And, enjoy living your life.

Your light will shine and people will be drawn to you.

And, perhaps one of them will make your heart skip a beat.

good luck... Sasha

Just forget it then. People aren't worth that. Just be happy with yourself! All is fair in death... Plus, you don't want the baggage and drama that most couples have.

Thanks all for nice words but I'm truly done . I've hoped so much for this and made too much of a fool of myself . I'd rather fill my heart with hatred and give up on love like I did a few years ago than continue with this . At least I was happier then . Now I am miserable wanting something I can't have .

Hi there LF...just like you, it would appear that I was never destined to find true love. I thought I had met a girl who felt the same way about me as I did about her. Only she was using me and leading me on, it would seem, as I was better than nothing until she got a "better" offer. That truly devastated me, and it pretty much shattered all my hopes and dreams.

That was almost ten years ago...and it was the last time I ever came anywhere near to finding a relationship . I still hate her to this day for what she did. At least I learned that I should never make anybody else responsible for bringing happiness into my life.

Beauty starts inside, and to begin the process you have to make peace with yourself, why don't you get up tommorow morning and start thinking about some funny stuff in your life that happened to you. Think of some jokes, remember everything that is good in your life.

Don't say no to life, start with a resounding YES everyday, now go out there and have fun silly girl : )

Hey now, chicky. Is that any kind of attitude to take? Look, I'm fugly, ( And I don't have a nice body either) and I have low self-esteem, but I found love twice. In my life. Of course, the first time, I had no idea what I was doing. I managed to **** it up anyway. Never give up. If you are good-looking, you can have just about anyone. Pick and choose, baby, it's like a free candy-mart for you.

If a guy stares at you then he's interested. Don't look down or away. That will seem cold and you aren't that at all. Keep trying. Be natural and cheerful. First impressions do count, huge, huge, huge.I must say, I understand your feelings 100%.

dont give up!