Yes, I Wear Glasses

I am near-sighted but not too severely, though it does give me a headach to walk around without my glasses on. I don't think my perscriptions changed at all since I got my first pair when I was 13. I ended up only being taken to an optonitrist by my mother and step father after a teacher at school said I was having trouble taking notes. Turned out I was indeed near-sighted, but the glasses didn't help me take notes, I have dysgraphia, i was never going to be able to keep up with the note taking. i generally don't wear them for when using the computer, seems to be the best thing for my eyes

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AD you take care about your eyes, you should go to the eye doc for new eye exam. And after that you should order new probably strongest glasses.

i haven't had the mney to see an optomitrist with for a while

And what since this time? Your prescription don't increased? Mine current prescription is: -4.00 and -4.50 with -1.00 of astygmatism in both eyes, and I have to go to the eye doc for strongest lenses after 20 February. I think extension of my prescription will be about from 0.50 to 1.00 diopters in each eye.

last time i got new glasses, about 3 years ago, maybe 4, it was -1.00

Like you I'm shortsighted, I start with glasses 7 years ago. In present time I have always headache when I don't wearing my glasses, and I don't see well without glasses on. What is your current prescription?