Glasses - Since I was 6 - on and off.

I got my first glasses when I was 6. I think it was 6 could have been 5. I remember that I only needed them for the TV or blackboard at school but I hated having them and found I could see both without them anyway. My friends didnt have them so apart from at home when my mum would make me wear them I refused to elsewhere.

I got my eyes checked still and got new glasses a couple of times but always found I could get by without them. By the start of secondry school I found that I needed them much more and so I did use them for distance stuff but that was it. By 14 I needed them fulltime and have needed them ever since. At 17 I started to wear contacts and avoided being seen in glasses and this went on until I was about 28 and since then I have been in glasses virtually all the time with contacts just for sports.

I have a -7 prescription approx.  and have to say I now love wearing glasses.
simon14 simon14
36-40, M
Jul 19, 2010