I Will Leave This Group Now.

I have undergone lasik surgery last month on 23rd. Now I don't need to wear glasses. I had myopia and slight astigmatism. I had been wearing glasses from last 8 years. Specs number was about -5.75 D & -5.25 D (Right and left eye resp.). I was planning about this operation from about last 8 months. I had decided that I would go for surgery in December. ( Winter holidays), so that I could get proper rest after the operation. But my semester exams got postponed which was going to take place on November. After that my final semester got started from January- May. After exams I consulted about this operation from various eye specialists. I researched a lot about it on internet. Made the final decision on 21st June. Operation took place on 23 rd. It was only a 3 minutes operation. It is not a very big operation. And there are no big risks. I need to remove those glasses because of 2 reasons. Firstly, it was quite high. Secondly, as I am a civil engineer, some of the companies have physical fitness criteria. Up to -4 D number is ok. But not above this. Moreover, I wanted to see the world without glasses.
I was able to see right after the operation. But there was slight irritation which was normal. Irritation was gone after few hours. But then there was a problem of focusing which made me tense. Whenever I continuous watched some thing, I lose focus after sometime. I consulted about it with doctor, he said it was normal. He said as you start reading more and more it would get improve. He was right. Now there is no such problem. I think our eyes take time to adjust. There was one more problem. It was with bright lights. But now there is no such problem. 

PS: Sorry if there are any grammatical mistake. I am not that good in English.
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Hi SomeXYZ your English is better than most born and brought up in America, so I think you speak well! How are your eyes now? Is it a permanent fix? I'm so glad you did that for yourself, you deserve it!