Lucky Me

I am lucky enough to be allergic to contacts - even the hypoallergenic ones. I went in to the eye doctor (who happened to be a friend of the family) and he did my exam and all that fun stuff, then he put one in my eye and was talking to my mom for a minute before doing the other one. I told him my eye burned, he said that was normal the first time, then he looked at me.

It wasn't normal.

So he tried the other eye with hypoallergenic solution and a different kind of contact. Same reaction.

I' have had glasses ever since, although it took me a couple of years before I would actually wear them, much less let other people see me wearing them.

ANd I wanted color contacts too. I was so disappointed.
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3 Responses Dec 30, 2007

Be happy! Glasses are fun!

My eyes are hazel now, but I always wanted them to be more green

Why color contacts? What color are your eyes now?