I Have Strong Glasses

 I  wearning my glasses all the time becose i cant see without glasses.I cant see my dreams without glasses,im totally blind.I think girl dont like man in glasses.
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2007

I dont agree, it depends upton personality.
I have plus glasses which makes my blue eyes big & the ladies thing thats cool.

I love to date ladies who wear strong magnifying glasses, i love to look into those big warm loving eyes when chatting, they are so expressive and interesting and to me look so beautiful. I have found the coupe of ladies i have date with very strong glasses had wonderful warm caring personalities, something i have never found in ladies who don,t wear glasses.<br />
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So if there are any ladies who think their glasses make them unattractive they are willing to write to me. Hamishjed@hotmail.com. Look forward in anticipation to your reply.

I wear glasses and a hearing aid. Some days I just want to leave all the plastic at home.

I think your power is very high.I can understand your feeling without your glasses. what are your power?<br />
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Would you mind to tell me where you got your glasses(Which optical retail store or online)<br />
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You can enter http://www.glassesshop.com.

I love your very strong glasses!