Knew I Needed Them

I knew I needed glasses back in high school, but didn't want to get them. When I went to take my drivers test I borrowed a pair from my friend. When I started dating my wife, she would let me drive her car. I finally decided to get them after driving in her car at night folllowing friends, and there taillights blended in with all the other cars and lost them. I have been wearing them ever since!!!!
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6 Responses Dec 28, 2010

I have reading glasses. I ignore them mostly. Only get them out when I have lots of reading to do.

Like the ending to this.

I know its not bad, can't wear contacts they bother my eyes. Would have liked to get laser, but was told I will still need reading glasses next time i go to get glasses.

Now you know it's really not that bad. Right?

From 2 eyes to 4 eyes, but I can see, thanks for commenting!!!

man.... if it was getting that, you had a looong time comin! I'm glad you can see now. :)