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I Hate My New Bifocals!

I have had the same single vision lens for five years to correct nearsightedness with astigmatism. Recently I noticed things were a little fuzzy and figured I needed new lenses. The eye doctor said my prescription hadn't changed and that I will be needing bifocals soon as I am getting to the age where my eyes will need help adjusting from looking up close to far away and back.

Since I was trying to save money and had the same lenses for the last five years, I went ahead and let them make my new ones as bifocals. When I first got the new glasses, I wore them for 2 1/2 straight days until I couldn't take the eye pain and burning along with motion sickness anymore. During the first 24 hours I went back and had the angle adjusted and again the following week. Of course the eye place wants me to keep trying to get used to them saying it could take a couple weeks to a month, but I can't stand to wear them. Now they bother me in less time than when I first got them. I have tried to wear them at different times of the day like when I first get up in the morning or later in the day and evening. Sometimes if I don't walk around with them on and just use them to watch tv or work on the computer, I can keep them on for maybe an hour before the eye pain and burning gets to me. I never had the part where you have trouble going up or down stairs, just this constant pressure like pain in the eyes and things out of focus when I walk around. Even when I concentrate on where I am looking thru the glasses so that things are in focus more often, I still have the eye discomfort.

I have frequent sinus issues along with occasional vertigo, so I am thinking this is probably adding to my inability to adjust.

Anybody have any pointers in how to make the adjustment easier? I feel like just changing them to single vision lenses, but there are times it takes awhile to adjust from seeing up close to far away if I spend a lot of time doing up close work. So it seems I better figure out a way to get used to them!
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I'm 22 and have been needing different presc<x>ription for reading since about 17.... Now I wear progressive glasses when I'm at school, reading glasses for the computer and distance glasses when I need only the distance. At home usually I go without glasses at all. <br />
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I hate when I have to read and don't have the lower presc<x>ription with me, the eyes get messed up. I am taking my glasses off and bringing the reading material to about 15cm from my face so I could read without any effort. I still can read from 30cm but with an effort.

Oh no - that sounds like a real pain in the you know where! I am now on my second pair of bifocals. I am trying the ones with the lines now. It was a little easier to get used to at first, but now they bother me the more I wear them, like eye strain and motion sickness. I think I will end up having to do something like you are doing. :(

I use the ones without the line, in addition mine are free-form. The free-form progressives are expensive but usually people get used to them within a week if not less. The blurry areas on the sides are very little and the shift between distance and near area in the lens is gradient so you get the right amount of correction in each distance you look at (even computer and stairs, although you do need to look a bit to the side). Maybe you should try them too.... Most of the brands and opticians give a month (or more) for trial in order to get use to the lenses, if you are not satisfied you get the money back.

I know someone who got "computer" glasses. She found them really helpful. They were designed for computer use only and it was great for her. <br />
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I know another friend who tried the progressive lenses, and hated them. She returned them and struggles to read the fine print.<br />
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I have progressives and I don't really like them. I am actually trying to go without and adjusting the monitor screen by pressing CTRL +. This makes the print get bigger. Good luck!<br />
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I had them check and make sure the bifocals had the right presc<x>ription in them when they were bothering me without moving my head like watching tv or sitting in front of the computer. They are bothering me even when I am not looking around and just staring ahead looking through them at the appropriate section of the glasses for where I am looking. I think I am going to have to give up and have them put single vision lenses in my new glasses.

I also have nearsightedness and astigmatism. I have worn glasses since I was ten. But I never needed glasses to read, until now.<br />
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I gave a try to the bifocals once. Let me just say it was not a success. I also suffer from dry eye syndrome , so I guess part of my not adjusting to the new lenses was the constant shift in my vision due to dry eyes.<br />
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I opted for two pair of glasses. My reading glasses and my normal presc<x>ription. <br />
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Yes, I know It is a bore having to carry the extra pair of glasses, but I donĀ“t have any problems seeing any more and most of the time I remember to take them with me :-)<br />
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Wishing you all the best.<br />
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Thanks for the tips! I will try having them adjusted again!<br />
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I need to wear glasses all the time, even for up close viewing because of the astigmatism. I can't see the words on the computer without them, so I would have to switch back and forth from the old glasses to the new bifocals to wear the bifocals only for distance viewing. If I spend long periods on the computer with my old glasses and then try and watch tv, it is blurry for a short amount of time because my eyes are starting to have trouble adjusting. For this reason, I tried switching to my bifocals while watching tv but the eye burning and pressure like headache behind my eyes just becomes to much. It is almost like having motion sickness without having to move and walk around. <br />
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Sometimes I wonder with these frigid temps right now, if sinus issues are contributing to my problems adjusting.

I was just talking to someone a couple of days ago about how my eye doctor tried to politely tell me that I was getting old and needed bifocals. My first bifocals took some getting used to, but luckily I did not have the problems adjusting to them like you are. <br />
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I have never found my bifocals to work very well for prolonged up close viewing. If you can see up close well without the glasses, I suggest that you start out wearing them only when needed for distance viewing. I have also found bifocals to very picky as to their placement with respect to your eyes and thus hard to get them adjusted right. Keep going back to where you bought them and make them do a good job of adjusting them. You also need to make sure that they set on your face in the same place every time you put them on. When I get mine adjusted, I take them off and put them back on several times to make sure that are adjusted such that I get the same result each time.