I Wear Glasses

Yes I wear glasses.A lot of people think that wearing glasses is uncool and a sign of nerdiness,but still I dont want to give them up.I started wearing glasses when I was 13 years old.At first it was a shock to me that my eyesite was weak and I had to start wearing glasses to see properly and prevent further damage,I felt aas if the life was over for me, you know how teenagers are they make a mountain out of a mole hill and I was no different.But slowly and gradually it sunk in,infact the most complements I got about the way I look was after I started wearing glasses.Now i hav been wearing glasses for the past 12 years and it has virtualy become a part of my personality.I think I look good when I wear them and dont look nerdi at all.I think at least the ones who wear it will agree with me.
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I went years knowing I needed glasses, but was too afraid to come out and tell my parents I was having problems seeing at school, because I was afraid of being teased or made fun of, so I ended up waiting until after high school to get them. Once I got them I then found out my fears were totally unfounded and all I got were compliments and wearing glasses was not bad at all and being able to see was great!. Other benefits for me once I started wearing glasses were: I became much more confident and my shyness basically disappeared. I have been wearing glasses for over 30 years and they have definitely become a part of my personality and I would feel weird if I weren't wearing them. My only regret about wearing glasses is that I didn't get them when I was in the 9th grade because it would of made my life so much easier!

Glasses are sexy.<br />
For example look at my avatar<br />
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Hi5!, I wear glasses and i love mine. Who said you don't look good in glasses? They don't make people look nerdy, they make them look smart. I see my glasses as an accessory, just like jewellery, a good designer pair go well with any outfit.