I always wanted glasses,but unfortunately am only-8
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2011

I was very like you Caytlyn & if I had a chice would love to be short sighted. i have been told I have the start of cataracts, so maybe in the long term I can get implants.

-8 is not too bad & is managable. I hope you dont get much worse. I have a friend who is -14 & is very short sighted but she lets her boy friend take her glasses off her & keep them in his pocket. they say love is blind but that seeems cruel to me.She does though, love being myopic & sayes putting her glasses on after the blur gives her a real buzz.
i am long sighted so I cant see to read.

Sounds a bit like me. At the age of 12 I decided that I wanted to be a glasses wearer. I started to ruin my eyes by wearing glasses that I didn't need. By now I have become so nearsighted that I am helpless without my glasses. But that was what I wanted. I don't regret what I have done. I love seeing myself in the mirror with my strong glasses on. They are a part of me.