Father Time Has Caught Up To Me

Yes Father time has caught up with me.
I was getting annoyed with not being able to even see my own signature so it was time.
It was coming up to my birthday and well I thought its time to get my eyes tested and yep I needed glasses. But only for reading. Anything further than My arms reach I can read as clear as a bell but get me to read a newspaper on My lap ..... not a chance.
But now, clear as a bell. Its amazing the difference its made. No more headaches trying to read My books. Although theres a bit of a wince when I take them off after they've been on for awhile.
But yes I now have 4 eyes. Even if it is only for reading.
blackdiamond38 blackdiamond38 46-50, M 2 Responses Jan 4, 2012

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Yup, hit 46 and started complaining about the font people were using these days. Dam them!!! Why so small, why is it so dark in here I would say, I can't read a thing. Tried 6 different pairs of readers from CVS with no luck. Final went to the eye doctor to learn I was OLD!!!<br />
<br />
$1,000 dollars later I have a great pair of glasses that sit nicely unused in there case. Hated wearing them so went to contacts. Life changer for sure. I can see again!

Got Mine just before I turned 49. Was very happy coz all I had to pay was $30. Only need them for reading so no need for contacts. Can quite easily spot a beauty coming down the beach from 600mtrs

You're hilarious!!!

join the club ,had to have glasses about 4 years ago now ,was suffering migraines ,the tv was a snow storm and couldnt read anything .Still suffer migraines due to nerves but" I can see clearly now the snow storm has gone ".I know its meant to be rain but snow storm was more appropriate.