I Just Don't See It!

I don't know why but i just hate it when people want to try on you glasses all the time.
Them asking to put them on is not even the bad part because i can understand their curiosity. I guess its the same kind of curiosity like when i wanted to have braces really badly or thought it was awsome to be in a wheelchair. What bothers me is when they see themselves with glasses on and say that they look like some librarian or nerd. I just don't think its funny at all. It doesn't offend me when people do this but i simply find no humor in it and i feel somewhat annoyed.
MyEyesGlitter MyEyesGlitter
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2012

People often try my glasses then say: "wow, you are so blind".<br />
I also used to hate when they say they look like a nerd with my glasses, My reaction was always like: "Yeah, Thanks, I am a nerd and I know that"<br />
But you have to admit that it is amusing seeing people trying to do stuff with your glasses, like reading or looking at the distance.

So do I !!!