Have Worn Glasses Since Year 9

I am short sighted and I'm not supposed to be wearing my glasses all the time but i do as i have a habit of loosing them or forgetting them and if i don't have them I'm pretty ******!!! to put it nicely!!

My best friend is also short sighted and doesn't wear glasses and struggles as her eyes aren't at all as bad as mine!!

When i was at the concert last night i lent her my glasses and all i saw was blurs surrounding me!

That brought on the fear of being surrounding by people to a huge level as i couldn't focus on anything clearly! i didn't used to wear my glasses at college and that was when the fear started to creep into me!!!

Also when i did put my glasses on during college people thought i looked wierd as obvs they werent used to me wearing them, but my best friend hates it when i take them off as i look totally different as she has always seen me with glasses on!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2007