Except The Fact That You Have Glasses

I know it`s sometimes hard to wear glasses because you think that you look like a nerd with them or look ugly. But the truth is: BULLSHIT! You look great with glasses!  Those idiots who laugh at you, **** them, you are so much more better then them. Tell yourself every day: "Man, I look so HOT! (And intelligent at the same time)." Isn`t that great? Two in one. It doesn`t matter if you wear glasses or not, you will always look beautiful, inside and out.
heavymetalchic heavymetalchic
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 24, 2012

Great advice!!! <br />
I should try it!

Thank you for the encouragement! I always avoid wearing my glasses in public because people stare. I don't like that. I get really self-conscious and just avoid eye contact all day lol.

When people stare at you, then stare back at them and smile in a "I`m so cool, aren`t I?" way. Then they will know that you are confident and you will be more attractive. Trust me, it works :)

You ROCK! I will try that next time. :)