I Wear Glasses

In grade 4 I realized that I could read see that good, when my teacher asked me to read a short story from the board I said that I can't see it, my teacher thought that I didn't want to read it and used it as an excuse. I didn't want to wear glasses but in grade 5 my other teacher noticed that I made a lot of mistakes when I copied stuff so he called my mom. My first glasses were sooooo big that some of the kids called me owl. I was so mad but now when I look at the old pictures I see that they were right loooool.

 In grade 9 I changed them. I have contacts for 3 years now but I can't really wear them anymore, I used to wear them all the time, every day, I put them into my eye in the morning and remove them when I go to bed. But 1 year ago I started to have problems with them and my eyes and head hurt like hell everytime I wore them. All of the sudded I couldn't wear them anymore. So I stoped wearing them for a couple of months. Now I only wear them on weekends when I go out on parties and stuff. Sometimes my eyes are normal but sometimes they give me a very bad head ache.

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Apr 8, 2007

The headache is a very common side effect of poor vision; especially in kids. I'm glad you pointed that out; parents need to pay attention to their grammar aged kids if this is a frequent complaint, and not just assume the kid is making it up. I went through your situation, and I've been wearing specs since 3rd grade!