I Love My Glasses And Respect It.

I never thought I would have to wear glasses. I got my glasses when I was in Grade 6. I hated them at that time because I thought that it made me look old. But eventually, I got closer to my glasses and they became like a part of body to me. Now I have beautiful glasses, with a silver black frame and it suits me a lot :)
Yes, a lot of people including my friends, cousins and relatives teased me because I was only one in the family to wear them. And there are so many incidents where I have punched my cousins because of this and the main thing is I couldn't punch them if I didn't have my glasses with me! Because of my glasses, I did not get any severe punishment in school..... My glasses made me look very serious and focused in studies. So even if I gossiped in my classes, teachers used to think that I must be talking about studies!
My glasses have helped me to see the world clearly without any blur images. They are the part of my personality and I am very happy about it. It helped me read my favorite books and travel beautiful places. Without them I wouldn't be sitting here and writing this story. My glasses make me who I am today..... Good day or bad day, it stays with me and protects me from not seeing things. So, I love my glasses and respect it a lot!
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1 Response May 19, 2012

True, without glasses, I can't even see the words clearly on the screen. Really, glasses are part of my body now.

yeah, it has done a great favor to me :)