Started In 7th Grade

It started out when i was 7th grade, we were getting out eyes checked by the school nurse. I was so nervous because i knew i needed glasses and i did not want them i squinted and squinted trying to see past the second row and failed, i only got the First row right i was so embarrassed, i took the note to my mom after school and said we are getting glasses. I was pissed off, At school i refused to wear them only when i really could not see and after struggling so much the teacher said put your glasses on now. i could see took them off fast after i wrote down what i needed. I always forgot them in my desk because i was in a hurry. When i turned 15 i had broken so many glasses my mom refused to buy me more. I had to sit in the front of the class and i hated it so much. When i was about to graduate my sister bought me some as a Christmas present those i wore and finally got to sit in the back of the class. After i graduated my sight got worse and my glasses were going to cost me 1000. I was like what ever whats the point, i put my glasses that my sis got me if i can not see they help a lot
ConfusedGirl101xxx ConfusedGirl101xxx
18-21, F
Jun 8, 2012