Blurry Vacation

Oh gosh, my horrible eyesight hit me at the worst possible moment- on vacation! I was only eight years old. My family and i were on vacation in san diego, california, you couldnt resist swimming! I wasnt afraid of opening my eyes under water, no matter how much chlorine. What doesnt kill you makesyou stronger, right? WRONG.
So i went swimming for a few hours, my parents tanning and my brother was who-knows-where :) young ones wander! It was fun, i played ate snacks, all the normal vacation stuff. We were walking back to the hotel when all of a sudden everything got blurry. I got so scared, i was like "dad, i cant see good!" he didnt believe me but he took me about 20 feet from a hotel sign and said, "read this" and i couldnt. It was all a mixed colorful blurr so i said "i cant!" and my mom groaned, "we will take you to the eye doctor when we get back home" and thats exacly what happened: after vacation, we went to the eye doctor, confirmed i had cruddy vision, and got some glasses!
I wear glasses until this day! They have become a part of me and my personality: NERD!! i like being a nerd though... I think im a little too known and liked to be a nerd but my glasses make me who i am- i wouldnt be the same without them! My parents say that my poor eyesight is hereditary but im still suspicious of that pool water... Which is why im afraid to open my eyes underwater now... Call me crazy!
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1 Response Jul 23, 2012

I think one of the worst thing that can happen is suddenly being without glasses, especially when you wear full time, then it seems a real oss when you are without. A -13 girl i know had an accident when the boot of her car when unnloading at a supermarket, came down, hot her glasses, which fell off & the fog came down. Not good. always have a spare pair- I do.

I wear my glasses full time too, my eyesight just keeps getting worse! Thats a good idea though.