I have glasses; not to make myself look smarter, not to fit in with fashion or aesthetic reasons; no I wear glasses to see clearer - i'm not blind without them but neither can i see without them - i have tried contact lenses, and yeah, i like them, but they're fiddly, take lots of care (unless you have the disposable ones) and are expensive. Glasses today are more fashionable, lighter, prettier and i feel comfortable in mine... suppose thats just as well then, really !
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Half the battle is getting comfortable wearing them and feeling they compliment your looks and complete you . Then once you are used to them you feel foolish that you didn't start wearing them sooner. I like mine , it is nice to see things again.

yeah - saves all the bumps and bruises.... sides i can pretend to be intelligent wearing them, even if thats not the case ! thanks for reading and sharing

Feeling intelligent is a good thing, this will make you more confident in other areas . Good Luck