Glasses At Weddings.

This topic seems to generate a lot of discussion. To wear, not to wear or contacts.
Now this sounds bad, but it is not really.
I have been married twice, once to a long sighted girl. We debated her wearing glasses for the big day.
My second wife, short sighted & again wearing glasses for the big day.
Love me love my glasses eh.
A background to this is a lady who I have known for many years. She was first picked up for glasses at 7 at school but her mother was anti glasses & it was only after a row with the Education Authorities at 11 she finally got them. She was amazed with the clear vision & wore full time. Not severly myopic but enough. Then a20 she met this fellow glasses guy, in a pub, had myopic sex, & so there was a wedding.
Her Mother struck again & asked her not to wear her glasses at her wedding so she could show off her beautiful almond eyes.
So she did & it was only when she got into the car, saw the myopic blur & pannicked.
Her words felt like a fish out of water.
The husband went mad when he sw his bride walking down the aisle severly squinting.
The day carried on & a headache at the end of course.
Back came the wedding pictures all bar one showing her squinting & bear in mind she was not severly myopic, but when you suddenly have no glasses you miss them.
Only one picture survives in their kitchen showing Paulette in a full framed close up showing those almond myopic eyes. No squinting.
So for that reason, glasses on each time for the big day.
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Oct 26, 2012