Broken And Uncertain

Well last Wednesday right before a date with a friend my glasses broke in two near the nose rest....It was awful, after 3 years with these glasses I had to replace them....I went to the eye glasses boutique and in my anxious state I really didn't want to pick out any eyeglasses but I found some I thought I could look good in and they were on sale so after the exam and dialation I told her these would be my new frames. My dad was in an anxious state of mind and pressured me to find something. Tonight I went to pick them up and I rerally didn't think they looked very good. I'm so worried about looking like a stiff librariian....not sure about these but in the past I remember every pair takes getting used to. I hope I start to see why I picked them out originally bu so far I feel so awkward in eyesight is making me feel highly sensitive that they just don't feel right......Has anyone ever had these same feelings or thoughts after purchasing their glasses?
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Twice before, but in the end it all worked out.
by the way whats wrong with looking like a stiff librariian?
I think their hot........just saying lol

yeah not the look I'm going for but my last pair made me think of granny glasses...I'm slowly getting used to these....just different to get used to. Half of them have no frames on them just glasses....they seem to blend in more looking less like framing around my face...I just hope my bf will think I look attractive in them...