Phantom Glasses?

I've been wearing them for two decades (since I was 5) and just started on contact lenses for 2 days. I'm still adjusting. Just this morning after I've put on my contacts (after a grueling 10 minutes) I still absentmindedly put my glasses back on and wondered why my vision was blurry. Throughout the day I also kept on adjusting my non-existent glasses on my nosebridge. It feels silly, I feel like I still have them on. Losing my glasses is like losing an organ, a limb.. I've been wearing them for so long that I've felt like they're part of my anatomy.

As much as I love my specs, I revel in the invention of contact lenses! Soft toric lenses, in my case (explains why it took me so long to give these a try). It's like having a whole new look... and people have appreciated my brown eyes more. (VANITY ALERT!) And the clear vision...... first time I put them on it honestly felt like magic!

I'm keeping my dark-framed glasses though.. if only just to remind people I'm still a nerd at heart.

Magneshium Magneshium
26-30, F
Jan 12, 2013