I Just Measured My New Lenses

Hi to anyone who is self-conscious about wearing glasses. I'm 16 and recently I was prescribed with stronger ones with a prescription of RE-11.25 & LE-10.50 so I chose some expensive black plastic designer frames by Versace.  However when I went to collect them I was horrified when saw how thick they were. Without daring to say anything I tried them on and my vision was so much better I thought it doesn't matter how thick they if I can see so clearly. The left lens is 1 cm thick and the right is even thicker, so you can tell what I mean. So just think of me if you are nervous about wearing your glasses.

Katriona Katriona
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The rx does not really matter, as you say, clarity is the most important thing.

I have to start wearing a telemicroscope for close work which is making me nervous.

I prefer contact lenses. It is better then glasses i think :)<br />
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that pretty strong --- damn

You do NOT want lenses made of cr-39 (plastic) with an rx like yours ,you want a high index lens. the two thinnest lenses on the market are Hoya 1.71 or thin &lite 1.74 by Essilor. The Hoya 1.71 is sold with Super hi-vision (anti reflective coating) it's extremely scratch resistant and the A/R coating warranties it against scratching for 2 years. The Essilor lens is produced in Europe so it takes awhile to get, their A/R coating is called Crizal. The anti reflective coatings help to reduce glare on computer screens, night driving, overhead lights etc, they also reduce the distortions in high index lenses, the lenses look much thinner with the coatings. Plastic eyewear is great for high index lenses because they hide the edge thickness (near sighted lenses are thicker around the edge and far sighted thicker in the center).

why is it that when I'm not earing my glasses I am near a flight of stairs? lol

I like your attitude Katriona. I'm 18 and RE: -10.75; LE: - 12.25. My increases have slowed down, but not stabilised, and I still look forward to getting a bit more power. The cut-in looks good, but I'm not so keen on all the power rings. I'm definitely in the coke bottle league. How about you?

They make a graphite lense thats called thinsolate which is 50% thinner, its scratch resistant and its a form of plastic. Are you wearing a prescripstion that is either glass or thick plastic?

I only wear mine when I'm watching tv, reading the paper, walking the dog, taking a shower, going for walks, sleep and eat. Other than I'm fine without them lol =) katriona, have you checked into the type of lense? there are atleast 4 that I've seen and they would make the lense much thinner with the same optics. One is a Graphite lens, another is an antiglare. Can't think of any other. But they are thinner and lighter too. Don't fret for looking into a pair of coke bottles, I did that till I got the graphite kind. There is a big differance. Good luck if you want to get them

I know what you mean , I am -12.75 now!