I Love Wearing Glasses Too

Like the last contribution I badgered my Mum for glasses when I was a kid. However once I got them I simply didn't want to take them off, no matter how much my Mum nattered me to, and I ended up needing stronger and stronger lenses every year. Now at 16 I'm -7.75 & -7.25 and I simply love the clarity and minification the lenses give me. In fact I can barely wait to get even stronger lenses in another six months when I'm due for my check-up. Is anyone else hooked on strong lenses like me?
Katriona Katriona
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 2, 2007

I find this so interesting because although I didn't actually badger my Mum for glasses when I was a kid, (I actually needed them as it happens). But once I got them, like you, I just wanted to keep them on because everything looked so much clearer. So I ended up with stronger lenses each year too and now I'm around the same as you -7.75 & -7.50

Yes quite a few are hooked.
I know one lady who has gradually upped her lens & is now -14.She worked in a major opticians & over a period of time upped her eyes using contacts, with mishaps along the road. She like you loves the buzz of new stronger lens & mimification.

i am too i love thick glasses