I Used to Hate Them

I first wore glasses when I was about 7 years old. The teacher asked me to read something on the board and I couldn't see it clearly, it was like a fog. She was the one who discovered that I had sight issues and needed glasses. I actually creid from just the thought of it, because I thought that whoever wore them was a jerk or a nerd. Through years I felt comfortable with them, until my teenage years. Just about the age of 13, I started to hate them. I really thought that I looked much nicer without them and I looked really different. My father is an eye doctor so he knows a lot about these stuff. I went to him asking him if I could wear eye contacts and a few of my class wore them too, but he refused. He said I should be at least 17 because they weren't so comfortable and could hurt my eyes. I was stunned from that, kids at my age were wearing them and I had to wait until I was 17. Now, I'm 18 but I only wear the lenses at special times or occasions. I found that glasses are much comfortable and easier than contact lenses. Now I know why my father refused to at that time and I respect him for that :)

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Yes, thats true. Actually, the horror movies happened to me a few times too. I wrote this story 4 years ago, and now I guess glasses are really an accessory. I still wear contacts during different occasions but my heart will always belong to my glasses <3 hehe.<br />
thanks for your comment :)