Black-Rimmed Glasses Chick Here

Some time in the 7th grade my teacher checked my vision and cheefully exclaimed, "It's time to see the eye doctor!"

My first reaction: UGH!!!! (-_-)

I was 13. Glasses? Huh? I was ugly enough as it was-- I had braces, no chest whatsoever, skinny dangly limbs, it was awful. I used to wear my glasses only to read from the back of the classroom. Otherwise I'd hide them in their case and put them away.

In high school I finally convinced my parents to get me contacts and as my vision got worse I started wearing them on a daily basis....until I graduated college. There were days before, where I wouldn't wear anything -- no contacts, no glasses, no nothing. I still walk around the house without glasses because I'm near-sighted and I can see everything, except the time...and the titles of books on my bookshelf...and the fine lines on a person's face, etc. (but I digress....)

So, six months ago I started grad school. I had no time to deal with contacts and I hated how they dried out my eyes. So I started wearing my black-rimmed glasses on a daily basis. I've always liked them, and sometimes I thought they look nice on me, but boy, oh boy was I surprised by the reaction I got in grad school. Some guys ADORED my glasses. Adored them! Hahahaha oh my God, it was nuts.

It's funny because many times, if I don't want anyone to look at me, I put my glasses on, in hopes of hiding my face behind them. But now it seems people see me either way. (Big surprise, huh? ) So I'm not ashamed of wearing glasses anymore. I'm actually glad because they make me look my age (and people don't mistake me for a 17 year old anymore! yay!).

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

hee hee, i was referring to the ones in my neighborhood -- not you, of course ;)

Hahahaha, I could probably get away with not wearing them, too. But the streets here in NYC are super narrow, and I don't think I could parallel park without glasses or contacts on. <br />
<br />
It's true though, a police officer will never notice. Chumps, they're probably out having donuts as I type this comment. :-P (Do you speed in your Ferrari?)