Pick Up Line

Iv worn glasses since I was 11.  Iv had the usual dramas - feeling like a geek sometimes, the time they broke and I had to fix them makeshift with a paperclip, when they fell apart the week my dissertation was due and the parts werent avaliable...but the most frequent glasses related incident is the pick up line. 

Usually some guy stumbles over, says the you have beautiful eye thing to which I say thankyou.  Its the next part that annoys me - he usually asks me to take my glasses off - I always find it weird but I usually just do - then it comes. 

Either:  Wow you look so nice without them!

Or:  You look really good with them on!

SO.... my normal face, without glasses, my natural, born with face, is not beautiful without the aid of glasses OR my glasses, which I have to wear, all the time, make me look unattractive.

Good one guys, next time tell me I have a hot behind and buy me a drink!

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9 Responses Feb 16, 2009

LOL I should have guessed you would understand! That great mind and all..... :)

I understand what you mean... it has unpleasant connotations either way, but they just don't seem to get it. When it comes to women men are all totally dumb as a lampshade lol and being half made up of rum or beer at the time doesn't exactly help hehehe. I'm with you... Damn you have a hot behind is a much better line lol.

What do you mean 'guys like that'? Them of the stupid drunken line?<br />
None of them ever got any further with me.

God... Guys like that are the ones who get the most dates, and I am very charming and social, and I never got them. <br />
<br />
Bastards, lol.

I like how I look with my glasses - and without them. I ob<x>ject to lame drunken guys suggesting one 'look' is inferior. Its a totally backward compliment.<br />
<br />
Hehe Jelle is a smoothy, and as a lady I refuse to comment on the frequent and glowing praises my attractive and perfectly formed bottom gets, lol.<br />
<br />
Thanks Jo - as Max would say - Im pretty...funny looking! Nah, I think my glasses are cute.<br />
<br />
Flourlady and oldspex - my Mum used to say guys dont make passes at gals who wear glasses - until I got mine, lol. But its totally untrue - as this story shows! So maybe you just need some new fr<x>ames that suit you and you will be feeling prettier in no time!

i wear glasses and i feel unattractive too

I'm sure you're just beautiful. Not many people think they're pretty. I now need glasses to read. :-~

Wow, that last commentator is a smooth operator.<br />
Plus, psht to anyone who'd even ask to take off glasses, they're great, elegant, sophisticated, vital to proper sight...

I think women can look pretty sexy with glasses if they fit their face well. Do a lot of guys say you have a hot behind?