I Wear Glasses Full Time.....but I Used to Avoid Them!

I first got prescribed glasses at the age of 6 or 7. They must have been very weak because I remember being able to get by without them as I avoided them 99% of the time. They were only prescribed for distance like reading the board etc.

I got by to just before moving to Secondary school. We had an eyetest at school and I had a note to give to my parents - which I opened (very naughty), saw it said I needed glasses and then tore it up.

Just after this time my Mum and Dad separated, later divorced so I lived with my dad and brother. My dad worked very hard so if i had a dentist or eytest etc I would go alone or with my friends Mum. Dentist, Doctor etc no problem but the times he sent me for an eyetest I didnt actually go. I hated to lie to him.

As time went on I knew my sight was getting worse. I used to try on some friends glasses if the chance was there and I always wondered what sort of glasses I would have if i got them. Didnt know anything about them, strengths, types of lenses etc.

When I was 17 I knew I had to get some so when I went shopping on a day out with my mum I asked if I could get my eyes tested. She said yes, of course so I went to a Boots Optician and got checked out. The Optician was quite shocked that I didnt have glasses already, and gave me a bit of a talking to about this. I believe she also chatted to my Mum on this - although wasnt her fault.

I got a prescription but there was no way I was going to wear glasses or tell my friends about this and asked my mum if I could get contact lenses which she agreed to and so I was put in for a contact lens appointment the following week.

I had my prescription although at the time I had no idea what it was or meant and still couldnt see properly. I got the contacts the following week fitted, had hard lenses to start with which I later changed to soft ones. While there my mum said I should have some glasses and we got a pair ordered. Wearing the lense was hard at first and I couldnt manage too long but it was amazing to see clearly. My first prescription - for glasses was -3.25 both eyes.

I went back for the glasses the following week alone. Putting them on was really cool for the first time until I looked into the mirror and saw that they were pretty strong compared to my friends, had what I later learned are called power rings and some cut-ins. I wore them out of the opticians and they went straight back into there case. I got the bus home and when there was nobody on there between stops I took them out to look around. Looking at things with and without them, I realised how very bad the vision was.

I then spent a year with nobody except my mum, dad and brother having seen me in the glasses. I was onto the soft lenses and doing well with them. I had lots of worries about what people would say or think. However I started getting very interested in glasses and vision and would wear them at home alone a lot or in my room. The next time I was tested I was at -4.00 per eye - plus some astigmatism.

At 19 I told my best friend one day when he turned up in new glasses (about a -2.00) and he was complaining he needed them more as they were so strong. So I showed him mine and there were a few comments about the strength etc but he was fine with it. Over the course of the next 3 or 4 years a few friends saw them but I was still in contacts almost all the time.

Then disaster!!! I got my eye scratched somehow playing football and it was agony to try to wear a contact lens. So I had to wear my glasses to work. I remember doing this and my colleagues all making a comment - mainly nice which was good and for a couple of weeks I wore them to work. I played football on the weekend but put the lenses in although it hurt.

Anyway I went on with contacts 99% of the time until I was about 28. At this time my new prescription was -6.50 and -6.00 with -1.25/-0.75 of astigmatism.

I then met a wonderful woman who I have been with since - now 34 and when I wore my glasses she said I looked really good in them. This gave me a lot of confidence and since then I have worn the glasses virtually all the time (just contacts for sports basically). I had a lot of people seeing me for the 1st time in glasses and I cant think of any negative comments. Why I spent all that time at school struggling to see I will never know. It was silly really. But I am really happy now with them and love glasses.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

That was exactly my experience. I spent years worrying about what people would think if I wore glasses. When I finally started wearing them in public, everything about my life got better. I got more self confident; I began to feel prettier: my social life improved; and I met the love of my life wearing my glasses! I wish someone had told me to put them on and keep them on from the day I got my first pair.

My story is also similar. I actually always wanted to wear glasses since my older sister got them when I was five and I should of got glasses my freshman year in high school, but by then I was too self conscious or embarrassed to tell my parents that I needed them and found ways to pass the eye exams in school. Finally in my early twenties I was finally ready and went and had an eye exam, found out in addition to being nearsighted I also had astigmatism and got my first pair of glasses. Even though I waited years for this day to come, I was still nervous to wear them out in public, but I was determined to finally get this monkey off my back, so I just put them on and never looked back. What I found out was nobody really cared if I was wearing glasses and the only comments they made were positive ones. so my transition to wearing glasses was actually fairly easy and I was sorry I hadn't done it years earlier. It's now been over 30 years since I got them and I still love wearing glasses.