I have really cute big rim glasses. Like the one that people associate with complete geeks. They go with everything and give the geeky look I'm going for :P There not as big as my sisters (WHO LOST HERS!!!!!!! -_-), but they're a good size :)
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I have have those exact glasses that I got from spec savers... But I actually need them.
Most people wear them for fashion accessories but I hate having to need glasses.

I do too. I've had them since first grade. When I comparing about having to wear them, my friends tell me I'm cute in them and ask why I complain and I'm like they look weird on me and I wanna be able to see like a normal person it isn't fair. I used to cry at night because I couldn't see at night but I would get in trouble if I slept in my glasses or someone would take them off and I would wake up not knowing where they were and be crying

I hate truly hate when people ask me if they're real... So many people wear them when they don't need them and then everyone thinks you are wearing them for fashion. It ****** me off.

Then they all want to try them on -.-

Oh that would annoy me too.
I hate when people want to try my glasses on and then they ask how they look like how I am supposed to know? You took the things that help me , you know, SEE .-.

They take my glasses then say something like "how many fingers am I holding up?" When even though it's blurry it can still see the outline of Them. -.- stupid people

Ikr! It's not like everything goes warped and drippy. It's just fuzzy.

Lol I need them for seeing too :) I really only need them for reading, but I usually wear them all the time because they say it improves my sight in my left eye :D

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I wanted big ones like that but since I have a small face they will only let me pick from a small selection because they're dumb.

Awwww -_- that really sucks. They shouldn't limit the right to have geeky glassss :/