I Got Glasses Too....somedays I Hate Them So Much

I have glasses. I am 21 and have had them for 15 years of my very short life. Thats a long time still.

I need them all the time. I have tried contacts twice now but I just cant wear them for more than about an hour. I have been told I have dry eyes or something, I think I will try again though.

My glasses are pretty strong now. I have no idea how they compare to others but they are in the -9 range if that means anything to anyone.

I sometimes hate having them because I have to wear them all the time. I am envious of my friends who either dont have them, or if they do they can take them off when your in a pub having a drink or at the gym and still get by but I am totally useless without mine.

I think I am destined to wear them forever unless I can pluck up the courage to get eye surgery......but dont think I will.

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Mar 16, 2009