New Ones

I got new glasses last week and I didn't realize how much of a difference they would make.  I biotched and moaned about how expensive they were but now I am glad I took the plunge. 

Before my glasses I would sit at the computer looking like Popeye.  I would squint my left eye and read with the right.  What is weird is that thus had become such a habit that I didn't realize I was doing it until my sister pointed it out to me. 

Now with the new glasses I keep both eyes open and can read just fine.  However I am not too keen on wearing them out in general public although everyone who has seen them says they are very adorable. They are lightweight and red frame-less.  I guess if I have to have glasses these are the kind to have.

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Lol but here is the thing. Popeye makes me mad because he doesn't stand up for Olive. Oh my I feel a story coming on.

Winston, Sorry I missed your message. One of those weird cell phone access things I guess. So you pretty much wear them often? I would think as a craftsman you would be reading a lot. <br />
<br />
I do and my sister had started calling me that Rog.

I am sorry.

My eyes are messed up too. It is pretty painful.

Yes but I have some major issues with my left eye that requires surgery. The prescription is a lot stronger.

So you didn't have glasses before the ones you have now?


get use to them? you arent already use to them?

I will get used to the glasses.

I don't mind i guess. Don't see as good with them as i do with my contacts, and i look less scary imo, but the reality of what i see in me is far different then what others see so i really don't know.

Do you like to wear them?

It is actually just SHEEEeee but i guess you could add the T to it if you want. I have glasses to. As a kid people told me i look better with them on but i dunno.

Feel free. It is just one of those words like dayum or sheet that I use in place of less pleasant words that this Southern woman doesn't use lol.

I'm sure you look great in them, biotched, I think imma use that word.