I Love My Glasses!

A lot of people in this group probably can't see without their glasses, but I can. I got them about two or three years ago. I actually just got a new pair of glasses to replace my first pair of glasses I ever got.

Back to being able to see without my glasses. I can take them off and still see fine. I have a little bit more trouble reading, but I have been told that I can legally drive without them because my eyesight is not that bad. I originally got them because I was getting really bad headaches. I had of course been to the doctor and been checked out. Everything was fine other than the fact that I frequently got headaches. Eventually, my mom got tired of it and told me that we were going to get my eyes checked to see if that was the problem.

So, I went and was informed that I needed glasses for reading, being on the computer, and watching television. If you knew me, you would know that this meant I would end up wearing my glasses 24-7.

After I got my glasses and got used to them, my headaches became a lot less frequent. Yay! I wear my glasses all the time. I am just so used to having them on that it is very rare to see me without my glasses.

I can't imagine wearing contacts. My best friend wears them, but I am perfectly happy with my glasses. I also accepted that I would probably need glasses at a younger age. My mom has worn glasses and contacts since she was a little girl. My brother got his glasses when he was in tenth grade (Interestingly enough, I also got my glasses when I was in tenth grade). I figured that there was a good chance that I would need glasses too.

I have been wearing my glasses for a while now and I can't really imagine not wearing them. I absolutely love them!

Doglover5290 Doglover5290
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2009