I Have Thick Glasses.....hate Them!

I suppose I do have glasses......but I dont wear them in public - EVER! lol.

I got glasses when I was about 5 and have had terrible eyesight every since. I am lucky that i can wear contacts and thats what I do. I wouldnt mind wearing glasses normally if they werent so strong. Since I was 13 - so 7 years now I have virtually always been in contacts.

My glasses are in a range of -12 if that means anything to anyone.

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Hey GIRL. What's your problem?????<br />
I have been wearing glasses ever since I was a 5 year old girl . I have a STEADY BOYFRIEND with 20/20 vision and he proposed to marry me next year. My glasses<br />
are concave on both the front and back and they are 3/4" thick. My presc<x>ription is -21.50 on the right eye and -19.50 on the left eye. I HATE contacts. I am so nearsighted that I have to put my glasses on to find one if I drop it on the floor!!!<br />
Maybe it's a fetish with him, I don't know, but he says he loves me just as I am!!!<br />
Again. What's your problem?????

yes I know but enyway i love my plus 22 glasses, and cant wear CL The lenses are 2 cm in the midle and mig sight are very weak with my glasses

I understand how you feel, -12 are strong and like me, you wouldn't be able to see much without them. I assume you can't wear contacts. I tried wearing them, but I'm so farsighted I can't see well enough to put them in and I kept on loosing them either inside my eye or somewhere in the bathroom. I wear +15 which means my eyes are very magnified. It is very hard to get into a reltiionship as many of the people I've wanted to hook up wityh have asked me if I could wear contacts instead of "those things". People are surprisingly superficial! I guess I need to hook up with someone who either doesn't get turned off by a geeky guy with very weak eyes and thick glasses or better still someone with really bad eyesight who empathises!

I understand. Mine are -12.50.

You can make glasses with lenses thinner and lighter.
Here you can find small frames for High Myopia. searh on the google for studiovisionstore and look for \"armações técnicas\".
You can find glasses with high myopia in fan page of opticastudiovision. I hope you find it.

Good luck

I understand. Mine are -12.50.

@sleepless42: Sometimes it can look cute to certain people. Depends on the type of person. Certain people that wears glasses can have an negative effect on them. Like for example, a person like me wears glasses, and have no girlfriend, and weight 300 pounds. Now I think I am going to have to get a girl that is fat just like me. Her score is going to have to be a 2 or 3.

I'm sorry you hate your thick glasses. I'm not fussed by mine and have a youtube channel severejetlag which gets lots of positive comments about my glasses. I wear bifocals with very strong plus lenses which magnify my eyes. I'm amazed by how many positive commetns i get. you can see them by visiting my channel. Peace Nick

The sam question can be asked for contact lenses of coures....