Since 3rd Grade...

I've always had bad eye sight. My eyes started failing me when I was in 3rd grade. I wasn't able to see the chalk board at all. 3rd grade was the first time I got glasses, and boy were they UGGLY! lol I remember they were blue splotchy looking with huge coke bottle lenses. My next pair were pink, but still had the huge coke bottle lenses. By the time I was in jr high, I started wearing contacts. I HATED contacts. Always got lost in my eye, and if I wore them to long (either forgetting about them, or just to lazy to get out of bed to take them out) they'd burn and hurt my eyes. They were soft contacts not the hard ones, but still... i hated them. By the time I got into high school, I started wearing glasses again. This time they were more modern looking, but dorky too.. The ever so famous black frames with square lenses.... I still wear glasses to this day and haven't worn contacts in 10+ years.. My glasses now are still the square lenses, with thick frames, but the color of the frame in dark blue on the front (the part people see) and the inside is a light blue. Very funky, but cool looking.. ;]

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nice! mine are purple on the outside with the light blue on the inside with vine-y cut-outs on the outside so the light blue shows through. the old glasses were indeed TERRIBLE!! i hated them!