I Wear Both Glasses And Contacts.

I had worn glasses for over 25 years without ever thinking about contacts until last summer. My eye doctor suggested I try contacts. It took some getting used to and trying a couple different types of contacts before finding ones that work for me and I like the contacts. I wear contacts most days but some days go back to wearing glasses particularly if I am in a hurry I sometimes just grab my glasses and go rather than bother with the contacts. I really have no preference between how I look with or without glasses though it took a while to get used to looking in the mirror and not seeing glasses. I do however see much better with my contacts than with my glasses and at least most of the time find them comfortable to wear even though they are the hard contacts which so many people say are terribly uncomfortable to wear.

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

For my right eye surgery has been discussed but really the only surgery that would help my right eye is cornea transplant surgery. I am legally blind with that eye and do not use contacts in it since they would be of only minmal help and not worth the cost and trouble. As long as I have the other eye which with contacts I see great out of I am really not interested in trying the cornea transplant surgery r another surgery I heard about which sounds even more difficult. For my left eye I have never asked my doctor about laser surgery but I probably wouldn't be interested anyway. I have known people including my sister who have had laser surgery but I am perfectly happy with my glasses and contact and would probably not bother with laser surgery

Have you considered to go for Lasik or eye surgery correction? Someone suggested me to go for it so i dont have to use glasses or even contacts, but there are advantages and disadvantages to any cosmetic surgery, so I stick to my glasses and only use lenses for special occasion, best is I could change my contact colors to suit my mood. lol

Any time I know I am going to be doing something where the contacts might be a problem I wear my glasses such as today when I went in for an endoscopy. So far I have not run into any unexpected situation where it is a problem and I did not have enough warning to not wear my contacts. If that does happen and it certainly could I don't know what i will do but will deal with it when it comes. I have not yet forgotten to take them out at night and for me that doesn't seem likely to happen.