They Say That Men Don't Make Passes At Women Who Wear Glasses

I can tell you that is absolutely not true.  A  survey found 45% of men found women who wear glasses more intelligent and sexier than those who don't.  But yes, it does get in the way of kissing.

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I love women in general but Since I wear glasses its perfectly ok if my gal has or does not have either way glasses. : ) Who she is inside matters most anyhow. : )

I fully agree.
I live in Bedford UK which is full of girls with glasses as there are lots of colledges here. Plus lens girls seem to be on the increase & big eyes are fashionable

Heheh! I get flirted with alot because I wear glasses. I'm glad I do, cause glasses are awesome. I am glad I do not have perfect vision. Glasses have long been a part of my life, and honestly, I feel more naked w/o them than I do clothes!! Lol!!

well i am a part of that 45 percent :)

@wanderingsage....actually I do rue the fact that I have to wear them. But as it stands, if a person likes you, he won't care that you have to wear them.<br />
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@VoiceinTheWilderness......I guess you like brainy girls huh.. ; )

I've been wearing glasses since I was 8, and most of my relationships have been with women who have worn glasses.

Facemanct- I would agree that things have changed greatly since the 1950s. Whereas at one point women were told to dumb themselves down to attract men, this no longer holds true. Think Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like it Hot". Thankfully, gender stereotypes has evolved in our culture to endorse women who have their own mind. Hollywood has also stepped into the Frey to champion women who have backbone. Only thing is, they have to be size 0 and wrinkle free....but we are getting there.

I have a weakness for women in glasses. I love when they move them down their nose a little and peer at me over the rims; almost like they're undressing :-D

Cute story. I am surprised, actually, that glasses can even make a difference to someone's appeal. Interesting. Maybe I should wear them permanently!

Gr8White......I'm sure your intelligence and personality had a lot to do with it.

Hi Mewold....I would think your personality more than makes up for your handicap of wearing glasses.<br />
In the end what counts more is how you relate to other people and that they are <br />
comfortable around you and enjoy your company.

That might of been true in the 1950s but not anymore. I love that intellectual look. Love smart women. and Smart women are better in bed.

Glasses had never hurt my chances with the ladies, I just hated to wear them because I always felt like I had blinders on. I hated the ring around my sight path. I still hate that to this day. I want to redo the lasic, but at this stage of my life, I don't know if I will.

I can't agree more with you on that Humpty 20. <br />
<br />'s great your husband gets constantly reminded how hot you are. It'll<br />
help keep him on his toes. Hee hee <br />
<br />
Ichilicious ....Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

To true do love a girl in glasses especially one who drtesses in librarian style clothes,usually find these girls once you get to know are more sexy then most others.

By the way, I had lasik 10 years ago and I love it.

Hannah, I always had a special pair of glasses that I made all my dates wear. It made things look bigger up close. lolol

@Jimmyrudyjump. Nope I don't see glasses compromising your roguish good looks at all. <br />
<br />
@ StarWanderer Glasses make me self conscious at times. I have a problem putting contact <br />
lenses in my eyes.....but am not ready for lasik. The point is you have to be <br />
comfortable in your own skin, glasses or no glasses. <br />
<br />
@ CowGirlFan. I don't know what it is about Asian Culture but my country has one of highest<br />
percentages of myopic people, anywhere else on this planet. <br />
Thank goodness for<x>ame styles have come a long way.

Hannah... you are right... and I'm one of those guys who thinks glasses on a woman are not only sexy, but a turn on. Though I have to say a lot has to do with her fr<x>ame styles. There for several years, fr<x>ame styles left something to be desired. But now the fr<x>ame styles that so many women are wearing are down right sexy. The nerdy look is very alluring. <br />
And I don't care if they get in the way while kissing. I'll deal with it... just leave them on (especially when you're Cowgirlin' me)!

I dated a girl with glasses, nearly married her too, so i don't see a problem with it especially noiwadays everybody's into the "nerdy look" with the horned rims. I have glasses too btw.

I've recently started wearing reading glasses? Have no qualms with wearing 'em. Is just a drag sometimes when I don't have 'em on that I can't read thre small print on this or that ob<x>ject.<br />
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I've never stood still by the fact that people wear glasses. To me, when they wear them, They're part of them. I do feel that some women look sexy with glasses. Just like they can look sexy with jewelry. depends on the woman and the style of the glasses, I guess...

There' s something about the sexy librarian look. It's never hurt my chances with the opposite sex either.

I think men realize that women are sexy. Glasses or not. If they are such a problem, why is it I read about a man's fantasy and Librarians.

Hi Hannah777, I guess I must be in a group close to the 45%, but not totally. Because I have found so women to look sexy in there glasses and others to appear to be highly intelligent. However, mostly I have found that if a lady wears glasses it is just a characteristic of that person. Personally, I have found that with or without glasses, it has never made an impact on my choice as to if I want to meet her or not. In my life I have found that attraction just gets the phone to ring, and to start the conversations. The communication is where relationships grow from.

I've never heard of this study before, it's good information to have though. The saying was written during a time when glasses weren't as "fashionable", it's nice to know things have changed. :)

Ha Ha Laurie you got that right!!!<br />
<br />
Jake you do not readily need glasses to read bold letterings in red. But with your glasses on, the shock factor will definitely be amped up to an 'Ooomph' in tardy utility bill reminders. <br />
<br />
Hope it doesn't happen to you often!! Aaah "but over himself, over his own mind and body, the individual is sovereign" except in the tyranny of bill reminders from the electric company. Ha Ha. <br />
<br />
Gentle humor my friend. I really enjoyed reading the Essay you recommended

I wear glasses with rims around the lenses. Women who wear glasses have an intelligent look. Men do gfet afraid; especially the ones that play the field. They know they will get caught "playing around".

Maybe the rimless kind. Haha. The fr<x>amed ones look so severe.

Intelligence makes the woman attractive.

So the question arises, what kind of glasses are the most sexy glasses? I know it's most likely very subjective, but what do you think?

Hmm I have never really thought about this. My husband was not too fond of my glasses until last year when I tried a different style. He loves the look now! I always figured it was just his opinion and never would have guessed that a lot of men feel the same way. Perhaps different styles would attract different men, but I never really looked at glasses as a fashion statement either. Just something to help your life run a bit more smoother.

I've always had a problem with putting contact lenses into my eyes. Glasses have never hurt my chances with the opposite sex though. So what changed for you IFoundYourDiary, when you put them on again after such a long time,...

LOL. This was great! <br />
I have horrible eyes and absolutey hated wearing my ole glasses but I tell you what....after years of wearin em (since i was 12) i finally put some on and they are sexy. YEAH!! i actually love the way i look in them. :)

The intellectual look goes a long ways towards attracting some men, mostly those who aren't intimidated by a woman with a brain. And as far as sexier, just let her take her glasses off... And when you get into some extended kissing Hannah, take those glasses off. It's almost a form of foreplay!