Nooo! I Don't Wear Glasses! Really!

I hate it when I go around without my glasses on and people ask me if I wear glasses. How do they KNOW?!! How can they possibly know?!! Do I look like I need them? I only wear 1.00+, my eyes aren't crossed, I don't stumble around blindly feeling for things. Do I look like a glasses type of person? I hate wearing my glasses (If you hadn't noticed by now) and try to only wear them while reading or driving. They leave a red mark on my nose, slip off and seem to ALWAYS be dirty. They are so annoying. Hence why I try not to wear them.

Ringwraith Ringwraith 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 19, 2010

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But do you realise how you look to others who see you squinting into the myopic blur. It can look awful to others. A friend of mine was nagged by her mother not to wear her glasses so she did so & felt like a fish out of water.
All her wedding pictures were a disaster too because of her squinting poor girl.

I get this alot too and I agree with phoenix, it is because you are squinting without realizing it !